Single Mom's Luncheon Joan's presentation can be tailored to minister specifically to your group. The following list suggests some of her most popular themes...
Taking Us Higher
God encourages us to follow his lead, stretching us beyond what we are naturally capable of. Walking closely with the Lord will fulfill us in ways we've never dreamed...
Walking In Grace
In the book of Romans, Joan explores the startling power of God's undeserved favor, and how God has gifted each of us uniquely for His purposes.
Because of One Red Shirt
After struggling to live the Christian life in her own strength, Joan shares how a simple red shirt opened her eyes to finding deep peace through a relationship with Christ.
Perfected In Love
Taken from the book of Ephesians, this examines how Christ's love molds us, and why God's plan for submission is a solid "road map" for true freedom in our lives.
Organic Raisins vs. The World
Let's rejoice in our differences! We are called to love instead of judge. Joan uncovers how something as silly as a raisin can be a catalyst to constrict the freedom we have in Christ. We get a closer look at the levels of our pride, while experiencing God's humor and correction.
Joan Spitz
What? You Want Me To Go Where?
Stepping out on faith: "Being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see." On the basis of Hebrews 11:1, Joan encourages us to trust God, who is unchanging and ever faithful no matter what He calls us to walk through.
Uncovering God at the Beach
What is under the surface in our walk with God? How do we recognize His wisdom and guidance in daily aspects of our lives. Using stories and scripture from the Old Testament, Joan transparently shares how she came to terms with God's provision in her life financially.
The Power of Encouragement
Since the beginning of time, God has sent encouragement to His people as they carried out His plan for their lives. In times of uncertainty, we can learn from Old and New Testament patterns and recognize God's assurance in our lives today.